8 Ways to Identify Your Ideal Music Student
Kelly Riordan
November 30, 2023
8 Ways to Identify Your Ideal Music Student

Some music teachers may think they need to take any music student who expresses interest in studying with them. But this isn't necessarily wise. Along your journey to recruit more private lessons students into your music studio, it’s important to think about your ideal student type to make sure of a high quality student-to-teacher fit. Do you know your ideal type of music student type? You can save considerable time and discomfort by doing this exercise.

How do you identify your ideal student? First, think about where your ideal student lives, their age, habits and their deepest desires. Next, spend some time to really break this down, and it can help you in your messaging and marketing of your private music studio.

Here are 8 ways to identify your ideal music student:

  1. What extra-curricular activities do they participate in?
  2. What organizations are they a part of?
  3. What non-profits do they support?
  4. What social media do the parents use?
  5. Do they use email or text messages more often?
  6. What are the emotional reasons and motivations to take music lessons?
  7. Do they have aspirations for higher education?
  8. What is the most painful problem can you solve for them?

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By Kelly Riordan