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Empower your business with scheduling confidence.
Scheduler Dashboard
Make a professional impression.
The Smart Scheduler makes everyone happy, especially you. Set clear boundaries on your availability before sending requests for lesson times. Gather parent preferences quickly and efficiently and then generate your own personalized schedule in seconds.
Availability Schedule
Set your availability
Say goodbye to hours of trial and error. Start by asking, “When do I want to teach?” Duet’s user-friendly interface lets you set the exact hours you want to teach and create boundaries for when you don’t.
Organize your roster
Categorize students into prioritized lists and Duet will send parents a simple form asking for their preferred lesson times. Once responses start coming in, it’s time for the magic to happen.
Let the magic happen
Duet creates a draft schedule to best meet everyone’s needs, starting with yours! Make adjustments as needed, then automatically send out confirmation texts to start your season with everyone on the same page.
Invoicing & Payments
Missed payments have always been a strain on teacher-client relationships, distracting from the joy of music.
The Solution:
  • Send statements to clients automatically via text and email, making collection clear and consistent.
  • Expand your payment options to Apple Pay and credit cards, including automatic recurring payments.
  • Finalize payments through text message links. No sign in or portals necessary.
  • Streamline your finances using direct deposit straight to your bank account.
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Student Information Organizer
Juggling student information and staying connected with everyone is a struggle for music teachers.
The Solution:
  • Build individual student profiles to store contact information
  • Create family groupings for siblings
  • Send bulk emails and texts to categories you’ve created
  • Communicate with pre-made email templates that save time and show professionalism
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Responsive Calendar
Keeping track of lesson schedules, including managing changes or cancellations, can be a real sour note.
The Solution:
  • Quickly schedule one-off events or make them recurring
  • Make changes or cancellations on the fly, and reduce the risk of scheduling conflicts
  • Send automated lesson reminders to parents and students
  • Keep up-to-date records based on student attendance
  • Manage your time in ways Google Calendar can’t
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Smart Scheduler
New seasons mean new students, new time slots, and new headaches. Building a schedule every year can be daunting, especially when parents’ needs conflict with your own.
The Solution:
  • Prioritize your schedule and set clear boundaries on the times you teach
  • Generate clear data from parents using simple response forms
  • Synchronize your availability with your students' preferred times
  • Sit back and let our magic build your entire season schedule in seconds
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