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Episode 3 - Setting Up An Independent Music Teaching Studio: Your Physical Teaching Space

January 6, 2023

In this module, teacher guide Brittany Gardner looks at what is needed in the actual physical space of a music studio. We spend time brainstorming and discussing which items and tools are most needful to you personally as a teacher in your teaching space. How do you prioritize and organize these items? We also discuss that there is more to a teaching space than metronomes and music!

Episode 2 - Setting Up An Independent Music Teaching Studio: The Benefits of Structure

December 2, 2022

Does structure hold us back? Or does it free us to be more creative? Why is structure important in running a small business? Access this episode's homework here. Access Brittany's slides here. Sign up to meet with Brittany on December 14th here. This is Episode 2 of a 12-part course that invites new and experienced music teachers to reflect on how they run their studios. With veteran teacher Brittany Gardner, you'll examine ways to set up a music teaching studio that allows both you and your students to thrive. Duet will release one episode a month, accessible here for our subscribed teachers. To access the entire course at once, visit Udemy.

Episode 1- Setting Up An Independent Music Teaching Studio: Your Vision and Values

September 23, 2022

What is your vision for yourself as a teacher? What are your values? Does your studio reflect those values? In Episode 1, veteran teacher Brittany Gardner invites you to dig deep into who you are as a teacher and what you want to inspire in your students.

Connect and Engage: Professional Resources for the Independent Music Teacher

April 6, 2022

Amy Chaplin of Piano Pantry shares her recommendations for music teacher resources, as well as tips for how to organize all of the materials and tools you might use in your music studio.

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