How Do I Send A Receipt to A Studio Family?
Duet Partner
June 6, 2024
How Do I Send A Receipt to A Studio Family?

Want to send a receipt to your studio families for their recent payments? Or perhaps you just want to see a snapshot of your income? The Financial Reports feature is your friend!

Duet facilitates studio families who pay teachers digitally via credit card and ApplePay, which are automatically credited to your families' outstanding balances and arrive directly in your bank accounts. Duet also allows studio families to pay via other means - check, cash, Venmo, PayPal, ACH - but the teacher manually enters the payment as a transaction in the family's balance sheet.

If a Primary Contact makes a payment via credit card, they will receive a receipt confirmation automatically for their payment. If they pay a different way and you manually enter the payment into Duet, you can create a receipt for them through the following steps:

Go go Billing > Financial Reports

Under Custom Report > Period, select the date range that best matches the time frame of the payment. Then under Families, select the family for which you want to provide a receipt. Click Create Report.

The resulting document will show the family's payment. You can export or print this report, either emailing it directly to them or giving them a printout.